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Over the years as a lawyer, I can say that I must have written millions of words. As an editor and the publisher of the recent biography Jerry Hatfield and I did, I wrote some. ROBB REPORT has kindly let me write some for their fine pages over the years. Blogs.

You can see that our old site is gone. It was actually a great place and over the years, we put a lot of great stuff on there. But, it didn’t capture enough of the dream. No “stuff” one really needs to do an excellent job as a motorcycle collector or restorer. So, now we do.

Look for some things to be added very soon. Things like lists of genuine rare Vincent serial and registration numbers for Series “A” Rapides and Series “B” Black Shadows. Images of engine serial numbers from Vincent Black Lightnings and lists of British registration numbers indexed to location. Why? Did your British motorcycle originally sell in London? If not, just where? If you know the registration numbers, you’ll be able to tell. All of this is important to knowing the pedigree and history of your Vincent.

In the shop, we are putting the finishing touches to the latest BLACK SHADOW, a matching numbers beauty originally sent by Vincent to San Francisco. It is available and it is electric start (though discretely so.) Push a button, ride off, have fun. Or ride circles around your buddies trying to kick start their bikes and amuse yourself. Either way, you’ll be really glad you have the benefit of this wonderful French electric starter from M. Grossett, powered by the best battery on the planet—at $1,200 it should be. More tomorrow.

For more information, visit the HVG website at


~ by harrisvincentgallery on June 8, 2011.

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