Where are we now?

After our appearance at THE QUAIL MOTORCYCLE GATHERING, we returned to Texas and awaited reaction to our bikes. It is now coming in. One report, seen in www.sportscardigest.com the event and gives credit to GENE BROWN, longtime HVG customer and probably the most prolific concourse d’elegance winner in recent American history. Gene won BEST OF SHOW and his class as well. The BoS motorcycle is his BROUGH SUPERIOR restored for him by HARRIS VINCENT GALLERY some years ago. His Vincent Lightning and 1-mile “Muffy Bike” BSA Gold Star are both sensational, the Vincent also being an HVG restoration.

Note the images as our center-of-field did pull in people, including the press and even AMARYLLIS and IAN of FALCON MOTORYCLES. These are very creative and fine people and their ideas on motorcycle build are without limit it would seem. Their “THE BLACK” (not black by the way) is an interpretation of a Vincent, but with the trademark special features of a Vincent redone to add adjustment, increase airflow, cooling and more.  A “super Vincent” if you will. They displayed THE BLACK at our patch of green as the show wound down.

On our return, we finished the latest Series “C” Black Shadow, numbers matching with discreet electric starter which is now tested and ready for sale. Every Vincent we build presents a unique challenge and never the same as one before. Like people I suppose. This one was minor and was a timed-breather part inside the outer timing cover that tried to seize, but which we caught in the first minutes of start-up. That fixed, Mike has installed the tuning set of pipes so we can run it around, stretch cables, induce a number of hot-cold cycles and more. In this way, we will be able to deliver a ready to go Vincent which will already have its head nuts re-torqued, any oil leaks addressed and adjustments made.

As to THE CREAMER II, its back and we are doing the final items as it got sent to California not totally finished. The cylinder valve guides had not arrived when we left and those are ready to be installed as is the AMAL carburettor set. The red, British tyre inflator and LUCAS ALTETTE horn, red also are on the bike. This is one very red bike. Anyway, some adjustments to the links between the car and the bike and we’ll be ready to ride it some and do the adjustments mentioned for the Shadow above.

Now, you might ask yourself, what are these guys going to do for next year that can top THE CREAMER II? I’m asking myself that too, but have an answer, though it may be a bit radical. Again, the focus is on all-Vincent, just not necessarily as they did one. Yes, we have another sidecar, but it’s a bit different than the BLACKNELL. It’s a SWALLOW Jet 80, a metal car without the wooden frame of a Blacknell. Stay tuned on this one.

Vincents continue a price march upwards. A BLACK LIGHTNING with good racing history is up for private treaty sale now and the price is to be determined, but should be very significant. As car collectors move into motorcycles, they bring with them greater resources and somewhat different expectations. On whole, this is a healthy thing for motorcycles. A collector who pays what a very nice home costs for a Vincent is going to take good care of it and is never is going to sell it at a loss. Never.

Closing now and be back soon with more reports. Your thoughts?


For more information, visit the HVG website at harrisvincentgallery.com.


~ by harrisvincentgallery on June 13, 2011.

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